Jacket process #jacket #diy #lucky13 #rocknroll #goth #gothnroll

Jacket process #jacket #diy #lucky13 #rocknroll #goth #gothnroll

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A word of advice

Never look forward to anything.

Hopes shatter just as good as glass

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Fuck sake

So I ask a girl out she says yes, now she’s asking if it’s ok to bring her friend because he feels alone lately..

I give up

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That one song

That one song/band that represents a special moment in your life.

And for that same reason you can never listen to it/them again.
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  • Funny how you van go from loving someone so much it hurts for 3 years so absolutly hating their guts..
  • Bitch, I can ruin you as easy as that with all the shit I have on you. so dont test my patience.
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ToxicRose - A Song For The Weak

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Best character ever hahah

Best character ever hahah

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Probably what id do if I found a gun

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